What dry bags do you recommend?

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What dry bags do you recommend?

Post by robino »

We just bought a Klepper Aerius II and are planning our maiden voyage. We're in the market for some dry bags that we can count on lasting for many journeys to come. Any recommendations for brand/models to keep our gear dry?

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Re: What dry bags do you recommend?

Post by kdwalmsley »


Congratulations on your new kayak! It is such a great hobby. Be patient with yourself and your paddling partner and I'm sure you will have a fantastic time.

If cost is not an issue, the bet-your-life, Mercedes level of dry bags is, IMHO, Watershed brand. The ziplock seal they use seems to be bullet proof, but awkward in very cold weather. They are used extensively by many significant outdoor professionals. Other serious brands are USIA and DUI. I don't know if they sell retail outside of America. For truly critical gear like medications, first aid supplies, camera bits, and impact sensitive objects, many people use Pelican brand hard cases.

Don't forget to post something about your maiden voyage adventure. What you learn may help the next person.


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Re: What dry bags do you recommend?

Post by mje »

Mine are all NRS Tuff Sacks (http://nrs.com). They’re tough and relatively inexpensive. Don’t forget float bags- they displace water if you’re swamped and help hold your dry bags in place. I like those designed for white water canoeing. Traditional kayak float bags are too small for folders.
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Re: What dry bags do you recommend?

Post by petejevans »

Not sure if you’re still looking, but I have used Ortlieb bags since 1991. Unbeatable and utterly reliable. You can get them on Amazon.

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