Klepper hull folding

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Klepper hull folding

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Hello, I’m new to folding kayaks and as such I’m a bit confused on the proper way to fold a Klepper Aerius II hypalon light gray hull. I’ve ck a couple of assembly videos but they jump right to putting them together and skip over the unpacking/packing of the hull. Currently I have a hull that is in very good condition , no cuts , pliable with a vivid blue deck. I’ve folded the hull in half length wise by laying flat and folding so the deck is covered by the hull ( folding it right down the middle of the keel , front to back with the deck sandwiched in between). Then I fold the bow and stern over onto the hull extending 5 inches past the double thick ends. Then it’s 3 folds on each end and the last fold is in the middle. Sorry for the length of this post but I am finding this hard to describe. My question is should the hull stay flat as much as possible when folding and not fold it down the center of the keel as I’m doing?
Thanks for your input, just don’t want to screw up a $1500 hull. Bob

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Re: Klepper hull folding

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Watch the assembly/disassembly videos at Long Haul Kayaks. They are quite detailed. Congratulations on your new boat! Please post some pics when you get out on the water.


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