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Klepper hull packing

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:55 pm
by BodymAn52
Hello, I’ve acquired a Klepper double , older frame but with a newer skin. The hull is a medium gray/silver in color ,very pliable and free of cuts ( no patches). It does have a few scuffs but it is a newer skin I bought used. My question is what is the proper way to store the skin ? Currently I’m laying it out flat, deck up. I then fold it front to rear right down the middle , the deck is sandwiched between the hull so that only a bit ( 1 inch ) i showing along the top half. The hull is now cut in half showing one complete side or the other front to rear if you flip it.
I’ve watch a few videos but the never show howl to fold the hull for packing. When I got the hull it was folded with the keel kept flat and folded up on the deck. Does it fold in half all the way down the middle of the keel , or does the keel stay flat and it folds along the edge were it meets the deck. As you can see I’m confused which is correct .
.NOVICE , as you can tell. Thanks in advance for your help, Bob

Re: Klepper hull packing

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:55 pm
by GrnMtns