Folboat model identification.

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Folboat model identification.

Post by Uscg1776 »

Well I purchased a folboat in a couple of bags. Measuring the skin at 15ft. Green and black single. Aluminum and composite frame.
Everything looked good until I realized that it is missing all five bulkheads and the front and rear fittings for the cockpit rails.
Impulsive buy. All existing parts seem to be in very good condition with the skin in excellent condition.
(It was really cheap)
But lol now I realize (no parts available) lol.
So 1st... which kayak do I have and best positive id opportunities.
And 2nd. Is it feasible to attempt attaining these parts somehow somewhere for a reasonable cost to complete this kayak?

Thanks Arleigh

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Re: Folboat model identification.

Post by mje »

Sounds like a Kodiak. If you’re handy, you can make replacement ribs/bulkheads from marine ply or HDPE. You might be able to find parts- try posting in the Wanted section of the classifieds. Maybe some Kodiak owner could send you tracings of theirs.
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Re: Folboat model identification.

Post by HoosierPaddler »

I agree with Michael, it sounds like a Kodiak. Did the seller know what they even had? Wondering if they realize there are more parts somewhere.

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Re: Folboat model identification.

Post by Yakadoodle »

If you need to copy the bulkheads I can help you with those if you want to copy them onto marine plywood.
Whether they are the polycarbonite or aluminum or made of ply as long as they match the location size they will fit.

As for the missing rear deck hardware you need to identify what is missing.
Have you downloaded the Kodiak's "manual" yet?
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Re: Folboat model identification.

Post by JohnSand »

I hope you recover to original cross ribs, but if not you should watch for salvage boats or parts.

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