Folbolt weight limit

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Folbolt weight limit

Post by Zeebe01 »

I bought a folbolt last year and love it. Only thing I dont like is it sit low. I think it's my weight might be topping it max weight capacity. Has anyone else found they also sit low in the water? Found a solution.? I'd love to keep. But would also like to get a yak that can go overnight tripping with. Not sure if this will resell well.
I'm trying to add picture but cant help on that to?lol its folbolt special edition Aleut.
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Re: Folbolt weight limit

Post by mje »

Sounds like that could be a Folbot Citibot, which had a listed load limit of 200 lbs., but would perform much better at under 150 or so. I’ve had a couple of Folbot Aleuts, which had a stated capacity of 250lbs but performed much better with a load well under 200. I don’t think there’s a practical way of increasing the load capacity short of adding a pair of very large outriggers and turning it into a tri-hull, or making a catamaran with two boats.
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Re: Folbolt weight limit

Post by RangerTim »

Just fyi picture files must resized to be very small, say 150 kb or less, for posting on the forum. No straight-from-your-phone 5 mb files.

As an alternative to posting a picture you could confirm your model by measuring the length. Here are the modern Folbot models, those without wooden crossribs:

Citiboat 10'
Aleut 12'
Yukon and Edisto 13'
Kodiak 15'
GII 16' 4"
Cooper 16' 6"

As mje said, if your boat sits low modification is not a practical solution. Move up to a larger boat. I would say the Citiboat and the Cooper are not particularly well-suited for overnight trips due to low volume and lightweight construction. The others are higher volume and heavier construction. The right boat depends upon how much weight and volume the boat must carry. For a solo paddler a loaded GII would be a struggle to paddle. While not always necessary a rudder is nice to have especially in windy conditions.

Folbots have not been made for a few years now but most models can be found for sale if you are persistent. GIIs and Aleuts are almost always out there. The other models can be harder to find. This forum, eBay, and a nationwide Craigslist search are good places to look. Spring tends to be a good time to look. Boats listed here and on Craigslist tend to be more attractively priced than those on eBay.

Good luck.
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