How to date a Super TSF

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How to date a Super TSF

Post by Chris »

I was trying to find out how old my Folbot Super TSF is and did some research. It seems there is quite an evolution of the design and I made a list of the features I found for different folbots that had a date in the description. Many are from an ebay archive site (worthpoint), I don't want to put pictures since there might be a copyright restriction but I put the links.
I can not be completely sure that the dates are correct and some boats might have been upgraded later with the new features. I also can not tell exactly at what year features really changed.

I hope that other owners will put pictures of their boats to complete the info and extend the list.

- solid floor boards (no cut-outs)
- stripe on deck ... -139478558

1969, 1972 1973:
- Single cut-out in middle floor boards
- Stripe on middle of deck
- Aluminum langerons
- Folbot label on rear washboard ... g-23484289

- Single cut-out in middle of floor board
- No stripe on deck
- Aluminum longerons
- No brand label on rear washboard
- Aluminum + wood washboard with track and thread
- Rear deck has one central deck-rod ... -138091700

- 2 parallel cut-outs in middle floorboards
- No stripe on deck
- Wooden longerons
- Wooden washboard with fabric on extra rail inside
- No label on rear washboard
- Rear deck has plateau with 2 deck-rods ... k-26557206

1940s, 1948:
- Floor is made of ladder frame
- Small seat back
- Aluminum or wood longerons (aluminum might be replacements) ... -206164775
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Re: How to date a Super TSF

Post by Chris »

Only 5 URLS per post?! .. this is getting annoying.. here is one more info from a 1948 and 1973 instruction: ... super.html ... s/tsf.html

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Re: How to date a Super TSF

Post by flatwater »

UPDATE - Aug 2019
The above links are now dead as my host went dark with no warning.
All my accumulated Folbot info is now at:

Hey Chris,

Great idea.
I'll try to pull together all the pictures and add them to the unofficial Folbot archive.
If anyone else has pictures of a TSF of a known date, please post them.
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