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Folbot Aleut Fishing Mods

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 6:06 pm
The Folbot Aleut is not the best fishing kayak since it’s so small. A Yukon would be better, but I have an Aleut. I fish from an Aleut.

Can’t do much fishing without a rod. Can’t be effective without a place to park your rod while you take care of other things. So, I got a clamp-on rod holder made by Scotty. A little bulky, but it works okay. In an Aleut, about the only place to clamp the holder is at the front of the cockpit. In a Yukon, two of them can be clamped to the washboard to the rear of the seat.

After a little while, I wanted a dual rod holder positioned to the rear of my seat. Nothing that I could find really fit. I took some PVC tubing and fashioned a V shaped holder that sits in a Velcro-mounted trough just forward of crossframe C. It is inclined about 16 degrees from vertical.

About the same time, I decided to add a fishfinder/GPS to my rig. I bought a Lowrance Elite 4. I mounted the transponder to the starboard gunwale with a 1” Ram ball on a ½” spacer. I used a bendable aluminum rod to hang the transponder over the gunwale.

To power the Lowrance unit I bought a 12V 25.6 W-hr LiFePO4 battery. I mounted the battery in a Pelican case and sealed the wire exits. I bought two North Water cockpit storage bags and fitted the battery in one of them. The other bag I use for flashlight and small item storage.

I needed a way to mount my Lowrance unit and decided on a cockpit console that would give me a small shelf to put stuff on temporarily and also mount another rod holder. I made it of ¼” exterior pine plywood and fir. Gave it a coat of West epoxy, sanded it, and added a couple of coats of spar varnish.

While I was making the cockpit console for my depth sounder, I also made a floorboard. I really liked the look of the varnished plywood. My floorboard sticks to the bottom frame tubing members with Velcro. Could use some non-skid on the top surface.

Re: Folbot Aleut Fishing Mods

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 6:17 pm
A few more pics for you

Re: Folbot Aleut Fishing Mods

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 6:20 pm
Last of the photo of the group. For Now.