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'Clean up the Shore' contest and Win Klepper Prizes... +more

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:47 pm
by canadaklepper
For all of you who participate in 'Clean up the Coast' events, here's a way to win prizes while you help clean up waterways... :wink: At Klepper in Canada we're supporting your efforts with Uber Cool Prizes 8)

Klepper Supports ‘Clean up the Coast’

Klepper Folding Kayaks supports the ‘Clean up the Coast’ Contest organized by Wavelength Magazine. Retailers, kayak clubs, rowing clubs, yacht clubs and paddlers register your Clean up the Coast event and get a chance to win prizes and make our waters clean and fun. Among the great prizes are a set of Klepper Sunglasses and a desk Model Klepper Aerius II with two model paddles, perfect for the office to make you dream of paddling!

“Wavelength Magazine’s Clean up the Coast Contest joins the largest volunteer activity in the world with 400,000 participants cleaning up shorelines in 2009, removing 6.8 million pounds of trash” explains Gerhard Schedel from the Klepper manufacturing facility in Rosenheim Germany. He continues “at Klepper we handcraft kayaks under tight German environmental laws and create a product that will last several generations – we know the importance of protecting the environment”. Approximately 80% of trash found in oceans comes from land, even from far away in-land via creeks and streams, as opposed to dumping at sea. The trash, especially plastics, just accumulates in Oceans. In the Pacific Ocean there is a ‘garbage patch’ estimated to be the size of Texas. It is mostly made-up of plastics that don’t re-enter the natural lifecycle, they just break down into smaller pieces and injure or kill fish, birds or wildlife and eventually enter the human food chain.

Get involved and WIN! Register your Clean up the Coast activity on the Wavelength Magazine website at ! And when we paddle – let’s bring trash back home to recycle, compost and dispose of properly.

For more information: Ocean Conservancy: ... e=icc_home .

Re: 'Clean up the Shore' contest and Win Klepper Prizes... +

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:10 pm
by canadaklepper
Wavelength Magazine announced the Klepper prize winners yesterday and details are on our Facebook page ... 8257243817

Thanks :D to everyone who participated and helped make Canadian waters cleaner!