Klepper Kayak Rental in Germany

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Klepper Kayak Rental in Germany

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Thought those of you traveling to Europe might find Klepper's new folding kayak rental service of potential interest... Following is the Press Release 8) Holidays and a folder... doesn't get any better :wink:

Klepper Redefines European Travel

June 17, 2010 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Klepper Folding Kayaks redefines European travel with its new Klepper folding kayak rental. The perfect solution for travelers tired of visiting museums and churches and longing to hit the water. With Klepper don’t gaze at European lakes and rivers – paddle them! Experience Europe like never before.

Single, double or triple seat Klepper kayak rentals range from one day to one or two weeks. Discover hidden gems, live unique adventures and capture exclusive photos and video at the helm of your boat - Captain. Hop-off your kayak in the centre of the village of St. Wolfgang in Austria and sip a coffee and savour a delicious slice of cake at a Lake Wolfgang waterfront café... then hop back on to continue your water adventure. Planning on camping? “Kleppers can handle heavy loads, and are perfect for family adventures” explains Gerhard Schedel from the Klepper manufacturing facility in Rosenheim, Germany. “Even novice paddlers quickly get comfortable in stable Kleppers and can focus their attention on European discovery and adventure”, continues Schedel. Nothing beats paddling in the Austrian Alps where cows graze in waterfront meadows and the air is filled with the distinctive chorus of cow bells...

Conveniently located in Rosenheim, Germany, Klepper rentals are a natural addition to North American travelers’ European holiday adventures. To reserve, contact Johann Bichlmaier, r.a.k. Faltbootverleigh, Von-der-Tann-Str. 3, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany - inforak@web.de. Bring plenty of memory for your camera and get ready to fall in love with Klepper folding kayak holidays...

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