Comparing K-1 against Big Kahuna with reinforced deck taping

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Here are a couple of pictures and the dimensions for the strip I installed. I cut it from the hull patch material that came with my Kahuna. The material is 18 inches long, so that determined the length. But it fit the area I wanted to protect well. The strip is 4 inches wide near the cockpit and tapers to 3 inches. I rounded the corners to make it less likely to delaminate. No problems after two years.


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Nice one doehlsen!

I still have the black strip of duck tape (some German brand stuff) on my Big Kahuna - impressing enough that it still looks good after several months and still sticks after around 10-20 dis-/assemblies including folding the skin!
Nice thing is that I can always replace this in a couple of minutes. My only fear is that the tape glue might damage the Polytech material over time, but so far all is well.

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Re: Comparing K-1 against Big Kahuna with reinforced deck ta

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Living out of little bags is the condition defined as being Anoid. Everything else is Paranotic Confusement.
Anyway, I have a Kahuna Expedition and I did a 66 day trip with it last year. Sometimes went two and a half weeks between resupply and could have gone three. If you pack right and leave lots of stuff at home it works very well. Doing a similar trip this next year in Northern Europe and already have cut down on my last years' load by 15 lbs and a lot of volume. One thing I did that gained me a lot was to build my own bag for the Kahuna. The factory bag is just too bulky with a lot of gee whiz features that I never used. I cut off the backpack carry straps and tried to make it as light and compact as possible when folded. New bag I made is tougher material, lighter by 50% and substantially smaller when rolled and shoved into the bow or stern. It also does not mildew and mold like the original.

Upshot is I can get all kayak related equipage in one bag of under 60 lbs and everything else, including Klepper Cart, camping equip, etc in another bag of under 60 lbs and a backpack carryon with everything else. I quit flying economy when I retired so I don't worry too much about the 50 lb deal. I realize that a lot of people do, as I once did, but choices do need to be made. Boils down to additional cost to make a lifetime trip. What to do?

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Re: Comparing K-1 against Big Kahuna with reinforced deck ta

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Cutting off the back straps was a very good thing to do. The stuff sack that I pack my Kurrent into when I schlep it down to Florida is nothing less than an instrument of torture when carried in back pack mode. Certainly not one of Feathercraft’s better designs.

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