Frame reconstruction K1 1998, elevated Bow

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Frame reconstruction K1 1998, elevated Bow

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I have an old K1 1998, first year of the new frame without welded cockpit cage. There are all the ribs, rudder and coamings, but no frame.

I need:

- the measurements of the tubes (how long is each tube, diameter of outside and telescoped tubes I have, same measures of old K1)

- measurements or/and a drawing of bow and stern HDPE plates (I will receive bow or stern HDPE, not sure which)

- rivets and screws: which ones to use? I guess stainless steel corrosion resistant ones?

- the black single and double stopers and the white ones (rounded), was asking Doug Simpson if he could provide, someone know how to make them? Was looking at yostwerks site, he developed another technique to fix ribs, etc., but I would like to stay as close to the original FC Design possible.

- Here in Germany there is no choice of getting 6061-T6 alloy, just 6060-T66 which somehow is inferior, would this a problem using it (especially when paddling at the sea)? I have a choice to eloxate them by the factory I´m buying.

- Tunnels of hatches might be wored off, I will paint them with mix of sikaflex 291i and aceton, it works well.

Something I forgot?

Many thanks and happy paddling!

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