An irreplaceable treasure

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An irreplaceable treasure

Post by Jake »

A short time ago I was out on Barnegat Bay spending a pleasant morning paddling (a small hardshell) among the sedge islands scattered about near Barnegat inlet. Making my way along a twisting channel through the sedge banks I came upon a fellow who was single-blading a very pretty solo canoe. I paused for a chat and to admire the comely little craft and learned that it was a Curtis Dragonfly that the paddler has owned since the mid-1980s. He said that he paddled his Dragonfly during the summer from his home on the Jersey shore and kept a folding kayak called a K-Light at his winter residence in Florida. He asked if I had heard of it. I told him that I was quite familiar with the K-Light having paddled one for several winters in Florida’s Gulf Coast waters and wondered if he was aware that Feathercraft had ceased operations. Yes, he knew about the demise of Feathercraft an then said that the twenty year old K-Light had become his “irreplaceable treasure”. Made me nostalgic for my old K-Light.

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Re: An irreplaceable treasure

Post by JohnSand »

That's a great story. Folding kayaks are a rare thing, enough that when I assemble mine, people are curious. Most have never heard of such a thing. Today I was tinkering with the Folbot Super. A middle aged guy from a boating family stopped by and remarked that his grandmother had had two of them. Most others, even at the harbor, have no knowledge of them.

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Re: An irreplaceable treasure

Post by Jeremiah »

Hi Jake,
Two gentlemen singing the praises of their K-Lights. Thanks for sharing that. My first folding kayak was a K-Light purchased in 1996. At that time and through the next ten years or so folding kayaks were everywhere. Now, as John said, they are more of an oddity and I'm sure very under appreciated for their qualities. Fortunately I sold mine to my sister in law and once in great while I have the pleasure of paddling it again.

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