rolling a big kahuna??

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rolling a big kahuna??

Post by squirtdad »

has anyone rolled a big kahuna?

I have seen a reference to rolling ribs for for the back?

Considering the fun I had with getting a non solid roll in a whitewater K1 bitd, the idea of rolling a folder seems a challenge

thanks all

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Re: rolling a big kahuna??

Post by Jeremiah »

I learned how to roll by taking a couple of classes at indoor pools using whitewater kayaks. With a descent instructor teaching you good technique the roll can be accomplished, and what a great feeling that is!
Fast forward to trying to roll my Big Kahuna in a lake with my rolling rib and inflatable hip pads in place. Upside down the Kahuna felt like an unresponsive barge. I had to bail out over an over again as every attempt failed.
The truth of the matter is that between the swimming pool lessons and my time on the lake I had "unlearned" most of what I knew about rolling.
I have no doubt the Kahuna can be rolled by seasoned kayakers who know their stuff. It might require more modifications for a better fit and maybe some type of rolls would work better than others. I became very discouraged in my pathetic attempts but I knew then I would have to go back to the drawing board and take more lessons.

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Re: rolling a big kahuna??

Post by Rob »

I've never tried rolling any of the folding kayaks, but my guess is that proper bracing is the trick to making it work, having done that in a fiberglass model.

Without that, most if not all of your energy from the paddle, and the hip flick will be lost, and you'll remain inverted and underwater.

If you have the option, practice on a white water, or other hard shell kayak first, to improve on your technique, and to gain confidence. Once you've got that down then try it in the Kahuna. If it doesn't work then, you'll know why.

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