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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:09 am 
When I received my new FC k1, I noticed a potential problem similar to what I had on Longhaul MK1 - poor protection of the backrest from the end of stern deckbar. (The only difference was that in MK1 it was the deckbar that needed protection, and in K1 it was the backrest that suffered). Liinking photos from the FKO Gallery doesn't work now (stubborn machine says "... not possible to determine the dimensions of the image", so you can see images at the Gallery, in "Kayak Modifications":

1) The problem.:
Knob on the K1 stern deckbar cuts into the backrest

I put a strip of duct tape onto my new K1 backrest, and you can see the damage caused by the deckbar knob after few try-ons in living room. These abrasions are caused by merely sitting in the boat. I didn't want to wait and see what happens. My guess, what would happen - the knob would cut through the backrest fabric and into the HDPE backrest, causing the HDPE to bend backwards around the knob, resulting in improper support for my back.

2) The solution:

Added 1" ID clear PVC tubing on the knob - this tubing is available at Home Depot for about $0.30 a foot. I cut a piece about 4" long, and made the slots on the sides, so that it would sit tight on the rib #4. The rear flap ends before the deckbar tube. Front flap is longer than the rear flap, and there is a round tight hole cut in the front flap, to accommodate the end of the deckbar (it also secures the PVC tubing to the rib). There is a thin bungee cord tied to the hole in the tubing just above the knob - to prevent the tubing from being lost when the boat is dissembled.

3) Result - no abrasions on the backrest after many days of paddling, nothing at all.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:28 pm 

I checked my K-1:


I get the impression that my seat is positioned a bit lower than yours, especially when I bear on it with my derriere. Otherwise your solution is quite clever.

For that matter, I remember requesting a lower cut for the seat sling while ordering my kayak.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:28 pm 
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It looks like the removal of the aluminum "hook/washer" that is on the fiberglass coaming models like my K-1 protected the seat back as well as supporting the coaming. When the design was changed, that protection went with it.


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:49 am 
Yes, Greg, when the seat is as low as in your version, the HDPE is not resting on the knob. Instead, it is resting on the foam padding under the fabric left and right of the knob, and on the deckbar plug (which does some abrasion work too, as I've noticed, but MUCH less than the knob). The flip-side of this version is that the knob is going over the top of the seat (you're right, the seat sinks lower when you sit in), and might abrade the sprayskirt or your back (if you wear mesh-back PFD or an inflatable one, deflated until it's activated). The sprayskirt has a tendency to form a fold trapped between the top of the rib and the backrest, and this fold is susceptible to premature wear (happened to my skirt on Kahuna - the vinyl laminate in this area was all gone after 2 seasons).

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