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Sponson help

Post by jonayuen »


I've participated in the forum before but my login was removed due to inactivity (my fault, we had a lot of things to do including paddling!!).

We have 1.5 Klepper Aerius 1's (450 cm, the traditional length), one is complete with a blue/grey Klepper (hypalon) hull and the other is a very old Aerius 1 frame with a Wayland replacement hull (black hypalon). One of the sponsons in the Wayland hull had a slow leak, we took it out and put in a backup sponson from the genuine Klepper hull (a couple of extras came when we bought that kayak). The klepper sponson is actually too long for the wayland hull, maybe by 10 cm or so. I'm in Uppsala right now and everything is out on the island so I can't run out and measure things but it will be possible in the long term. I've used some 'Aquasure' to try and repair the leaky Wayland sponson but it would be nice to have some backups that can be swapped out quickly and then leaks repaired later....

I've tried to contact Wayland for a replacement but they don't seem to respond to my emails, and I'm reluctant to buy yet another aerius 1 sponson if it is going to be too long. I know Wayland was going to make the kayaks for Klepper after the fire, so they must have had some kind of relationship, but my latest glances at the klepper site seems to indicate that even they seem to be in flux.

My immediate question is:

Does anyone know the length of the sponsons that one buys from Klepper for a 450 Aerius 1? Did they change the length over time?

For a more general orientation:

What is going on with Klepper and their relationship with Wayland? Does Wayland even exist anymore?

They wayland hull seems to be OK; the casting that took the rudder pin had a slightly smaller diameter hole but I fixed that with an aluminum rod, and I had to make a new boomerang to accomodate the lines for the rudder, but otherwise it has fit well and performed as expected.


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Re: Sponson help

Post by john allsop »

The Aerius 1, from my 1960s catalogs, at that time the boat was 15 feet long about 450cm and they seem to still make one that long although the popular size now is 490 cm for the Aerius 1. So I don't think the sponsons for the 450 would have changed. I suppose you have put the sponson in and tried it, there function is to tighten the skin. The lack of response from Wayland seems to be typical of the company. Klepper America are or were the US dealer for Wayland if you send him an e-mail about the sponson I think he will try to help. I think Klepper had Wayland make their kayaks because of lower costs in Poland and I expect the new owners of Klepper will keep it that way. I expect Wayland to keep operating but selling fold up kayaks must be a difficult operation, paddle boards and small sit on tops seem to be what people buy right now and the reputation for service from Wayland is not what there customers expect.

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Re: Sponson help

Post by JohnSand »

Not a Klepper, but I think all of my Folbot sponsons are too long. A fold in the end or some kinks don't seem to hurt.

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Re: Sponson help

Post by Yakadoodle »

I purchased a spare set of sponsons through Sailyourkayak.com in the past month.
These were for Folbot Gll. I believe they are close to the same length of the Klepper Aerius ll.
These were a quality product as they are made of rubber much like a straight bicycle tube.
Even though they would be longer then yours I think you can make them work.
You can measure your length and then fold the ends of the new ones over and tape them down so the length is what you need and install them.
The confined space of the sponson tube/slot/sleeve where they go will not let the length of folded over part inflate so it would work in yours.
Just looking at the website it says they have them for different lengths:
".Choose from Ute (~157"), Aerius A1 (~179") , Aerius 2- LH Mark 2 (~203"). "
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