New Owner questions

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New Owner questions

Post by EncoreJoe »

Hi folks.

I have a used Klepper A2 from Long Haul being delivered tomorrow.

Other than practicing assembly at home first, where shall I start?

We are newbie paddlers with only a few times on platic kayaks so will probably start on a small local lake, then mild sections of the Guadalupe River in our area of Texas to get a feel for things.

I'm reading the folding kayak handbook and will need some time to absorb it and put things into practice.

Any advice and suggestions is appreciated. I hope to post some nice travel pictures someday soon as I have seen here.



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Re: New Owner questions

Post by JohnSand »

Your plan sounds good. Start in warm calm shallow water, work your way up. Study, practice, and keep safety in mind.
I'm looking forward to your reports.

john allsop
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Re: New Owner questions

Post by john allsop »

It,s a good kayak,i have two. I suppose it is the 520 ,if it is you will probably find the seats a little close. Don,t expect your assembly times to be anything like you might read, it can two hours the first time but it is quite easy to do. As John says you are approaching it the correct way,easy lakes with light winds and then easy rivers. Remember if you paddle down stream you might have to paddle back upstream to your starting point and waiting car. One thing if two are paddling get your strokes in unison, the paddler at the rear must watch this as I have seen violent arguments caused by clashing paddles. Have fun enjoy the assembly, to me it,s not a chore and I have been paddling over forty years.

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