T9 with issues

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T9 with issues

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Hi all, I just couldn't resist that 76$ T9 that was recently on EB, did anyone see it? The deck is pretty much gone so will be replacing that, unsure about the hull, does it look salvageable? Also, am a bit befuddled at the range of options available for re-skin. Looking at the marine sunbrella material for deck, what would be the best choice (not concerned about cost, weight, breathability)? Probably will experiment with sewing a cheap mockup before doing anything crazy (Grandmas PFAFF), also considering having a professional upholsterer make one (?)... so he would be sewing, not gluing. Probably will aim for slightly loose fit and add sponsons, that's the plan anyway. Will save hull questions for after I know whether or not it's potentially salvageable. Thank you.

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Re: T9 with issues

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I think complete new hulls are available so you wouldn,t need to fix up the lower part. At the moment I can,t remember who will supply one but I am sure members who own a T9 will know. Then you can look at costs.

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Re: T9 with issues

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Check with Long Haul Folding Kayaks. Mark may well have T9 patterns, and if not, he can make one from the old hull.
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Re: T9 with issues

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Congrats on the auction. Search T9 and you'll find a couple of options for new skins. Markus Heise and Wayland, I believe, will make a skin if Longhaul won't. If the frame is in good shape you should have a beautiful boat when you are done. Good luck! Keep us posted, please.

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Re: T9 with issues

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Longhaul does not make these - they will send you to Markus Heise who made the skin for my T9 (and my Pionier too). Very happy with the Heise skin I have for my T9. Markus speaks English - just mentioning that in case you don't speak German.


Btw, you'll love the T9, it's the best kayak I have ever paddled. Tracks well, turns well, handles waves well; a little small for me, so I only would use it for day paddles, though one could certainly tour with it.
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