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 Post subject: Klepper Aerius shrunk?
PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:34 pm 

First time here... I have an old Klepper 2-person Aerius, probably from the 70's. I had used it last about 20 yrs ago and it has mostly sat in its bags ever since. Frame is in pretty good shape. The hypolon skin retains some of the folds from storage and there are a few cracks that don't really go all the way through. I am interested in selling it. But I just tried to put it together and can't get the center boards to lower into place. The two ends fit snugly in front and in back, but as hard as I try to pry the hinged center boards down, it looks like there is a long ways to go and I don't want to break anything from stupidity. I seems like the skin may have dried out so much over time that it will be impossible to get the frame into place. Am I doing something wrong, or is my diagnosis close to accurate? Any suggestions for "stretching or softening" the skin? Or any other solutions for my dilemma? And, ultimately, any idea what this Klepper may be worth now?

Thanks so much for any suggestions...


PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:38 pm 
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If the skin is cracking and shrinking, it's natural rubber, not Hypalon. That means it's at least 40 years old, which suggests that there may well be other problems, depending on how it was stored. Figure the hull is shot, but if the deck is in good shape, Long Haul can sew a new Hypalon lower hull to it. So what you have is a frame and a deck, worth anywhere from $250-600 depending on condition and location.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:58 pm 
I had the same problem with a 1968 Aerius I I just bought. The old hulls will shrink a little, the same thing happened with my old T-6. If I remember correctly, with the T-6 I wet the deck and then it stretched enough for the frame to snap together. It was a bear though. With the Aerius it was tough but I was able to get it stretched out dry. I'm going to try putting some liquid rubber on it to get it through the season, then maybe spring for a new hull. My deck is cut in a couple of places but I think it can be sewn and it's not rotted or discolored. Maybe I paid too much, but I've wanted another single ever since I lost my T-6 and they seem to be hard to find. I see a lot of doubles for sale, but not too many Klepper singles.

PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 5:34 am 
Did you have any luck stretching your skin?

I have recently acquired an Aerius II that look like it dates back to 1957 and hasn't been used since the late 70's. All the bits are there and the skin is intact if a little stiff. However when I try and put her together there the two halves overlap by ~ 150mm.

Have tried assembling her on a warm day in the sunshine (such as this exist in Ireland in May) but bottled out of applying any more pressure as something was going to break.

For my next attempt when I get back to it I was going to use more heat from blow heater and or hot air gun.

Any thoughts or advice anyone?


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