Klepper Blauwal info and hull repair...

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Klepper Blauwal info and hull repair...

Post by rjmeisner »

Hi. I am a new registered user...Have had a Klepper Blauwhal 2 seater inherited in the 60s. I believe it was built in the 50s.. Hull has finally started crazing ...any advice on refinishing the hull with current coating materials. Also...I have never seen this model mentioned on the posts...is the Blauwhal that old, or does it have a different designation. Thank You, Bob Meisner Buffalo NY...Lake Erie/Ontario

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Re: Klepper Blauwal info and hull repair...

Post by DLee »

Hi Bob, welcome to the forum... I believe the answer is that the Blauwhal is that old. I don't think there are too many folks around with one. However, I am pretty sure we would all be interested to hear what you think about it.

The Blauwhal came up recently in a thread asking why Klepper quit making kayaks, there's at least one member here familiar with the boat that thinks the Blauwhal is better than the current Kleppers because of the lack of sponsons and therefore a better designed and tighter skin. It seems the Blauwhal double may be a faster paddling boat than the doubles with sponsons.

I was pretty sure there was some Blauwhal info on this site but I don't see the boats listed on the index. Maybe someone else will chime in here with some good links. http://www.faltbootbasteln.de

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