Prices for used Kleppers

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Prices for used Kleppers

Post by overland »

I'm driving my parents' car up from Florida next week and have been checking out Kleppers for sale along the way. I thought maybe I could find a new (used) skin for my aged boat. But people want a lot for these old Kleppers--$1500 for a 10 year old Aerius 2, $2000 for a 20-year-old Aerius 2. I could buy a new skin from Long Haul or other makers for $1500 or less. Am I deluded--or are these owners?

john allsop
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Re: Prices for used Kleppers

Post by john allsop »

Many of these sellers seem to have inherited these boats or picked them up cheap. I have seen people who bought a Klepper for a few hundred 50 years ago asking $2000 for it and they say hardly used and stored inside.(stored outside is worse) When they say that you can almost expect the skin to be dry and cracked. Only pay what you consider is the right price for you.The hull if old and patched maybe a good buy, it shows the owner has looked after it and used it, but check patches to see they are not peeling off, they should have "round" corners. Wood is usually ok, the coaming takes the most punishment, if black in places usually where rivets are it might be rot, check the rod holders , if they are blue you will soon need to replace them. An old hardly used boat often has a poor hull. See the boat assembled, best to do it youself or see it assembled and check the sponsons by inflating them and pressing them throught the skin. On line is a bad place to buy unless someone can check it for you. Keep a lookout for dealers selling new hulls when they are on sale i bought new hulls that way. A new hull is almost as good as a new boat and good for 20 years plus if looked after.

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Re: Prices for used Kleppers

Post by DLee »

Great advice John.

If you have a good frame I think John's advice about shopping a new hull is probably the best bet. The hull is almost always the weakest link in a used folder. So unless you need spare parts, which is never a bad thing... I'd talk to Mark at Long Haul or Markus Heise in Germany. Some folks have gotten the Wayland hulls with mixed reviews and I'm not sure what's happening with Klepper.

Long Haul will have 'seconds' occasionally which can be great bargains.

I bought my Aerius II for $2500 close to 7 years ago. At the time she was about 18 years old. An Expedition model with complete S2 sail rig and S1 main sail. It was in great condition and had been well cared for and used somewhat regularly. She's still going strong today... so it's all about what you want, what you need, and if it's worthwhile to you. The best thing you can probably do is check out every boat you can as you make your journey north. Even if you don't end up with a boat during this trip the education received by this tire kicking will be very valuable for when you do find the boat you want... and who knows what other adventures await by getting off the Interstate in 'who knows where...?'

I also think that you find the best deals either immediately (when intuition tells you to shop), or after paying some serious dues by continued shopping and searching. At least that's how it usually works for me.

If you decide to shop as you go, a Folding 'travelog' could be quite entertaining for us here on the forum.

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