Klepper Aerius 1967

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Klepper Aerius 1967

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My Klepper is in pretty good shaped and I would like to re-waterproof all of it's fabric. I looks just like this one in this post:http://www.foldingkayaks.org/phpBB/view ... f=7&t=5299

1. Anyone know what material the hull is made out of? Newer Kleppers seem to be made out of hyplalon, but I think mine predates that.
2. Any inexpensive suggestions to coat the material?
Klepper's website offers this(http://kleppershop.de/pflegemittel-/744 ... 09135.html), but again I'm not sure this would work on my older model. Also, I would like to avoid international shipping if possible.

Thank you!

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Re: Klepper Aerius 1967

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Older Klepper hulls were made of a rubber coated cotton canvas. Klepper sold a product for recoating, but once the rubber dries out and starts cracking its days are numbered.

Long Haul can make a new hypalon hull and sew it to a good deck for about half the price of a complete hull. They did a hull for my 60s era Klepper Master that came out great.
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