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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:28 pm 

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Thought I'd post this in case someone has a solution. My problem's a lot like the one described in the earlier post, "Klepper Shrinking Skin". I came across a Kijiji ad for a "vintage 2-seater Klepper kayak sail rig..." and couldn't resist the low price. On my way home from paddling "up north" I picked up the boat from the owner who'd bought it some time ago from an antique dealer, but had never assembled it. It was packed in 3 original Klepper bags. Possible treasure, probable folly. I already own 2 complete A2's, and saw this one as a possible parts' source. Anyway, I spent yesterday putting her together. Gorgeous frame, very similar to my 80's-era A2 frame. The hull has beautiful bright blue canvas in great shape, but the hypalon hull is not so great, but repairable for some light use. Unfortunately, the frame turns out to be a full 5-6" too long for the skin. I'd encountered this problem before, though less extreme, with a Folbot G2 which responded to my efforts to soak her and apply gentle firm pressure. For this Klepper I tried hours of soaking and even hanging the hull partially filled with water in bow and stern in an attempt to stretch her. No. The skin is way too short. Weird! The frame is a perfect fit for another of my A2 skins, so the frame is definitely an authentic A2. How could the skin, which looks pretty decent, and has a pretty Klepper flag sewn on the stern deck, be so ridiculously small? A switched or mixed-up skin from a slightly smaller Klepper model? Seems highly unlikely. As a solution, I could trim each of the frame's end-pieces to squeeze her in, but I hesitate to deform a perfect A2 frame. Any ideas?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:57 pm 
lord high faltbotmeister
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Might try splicing an "extension" in the skin by cutting it in half (or in thirds) and adding the needed length. I did that with a new Pakboat deck that was 3" too short for my vintage Puffin solo frame. A one-piece skin is obviously more problematic than was that project, but should not be impossible, especially if the skin you have is unusable, as is.

Photos of my Pakboat "splice" project are here: ... 3639707309

I bought urethane double-coated dacron ripstop from a vendor on Ebay -- was lucky to find a near perfect color match. Then sliced the deck cleanly in half (after determining that doing this on the bow end would align the seat and cockpit correctly), folded over the raw edges and machine sewed them to the added strip to extend the overall length . Then I coated the seams with Aquaseal on the underside and stitched a corresponding strip of velcro along both expanded edges (that's how Pakboat decks are attached.) Has worked perfectly since the modification.

I would be more inclined to retain the integrity of your frame, particularly since you know it fits your other skins. IMHO, better to try to "mess" with the "shrunken" skin to adapt it to fit better.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:33 am 

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Hi Kerry, thanks for replying. The "splicing" idea is an interesting one that never would have entered my mind. I'll consider it. While the canvas deck is in very good shape, the hull has some extensive "bubbling" occurring, in addition to a few small abrasions and cuts that need addressing. I sense that the "bubbling" doesn't augur well for the skin's future. For now, though, I'm going to do nothing. Just get everything dried out, then dismantle the frame and pack it all back into the bags. Right now the frame and damp skin are taking up most of the space on our deck and are a constant visual reminder to me and my family of my bargain-hunting folly. It's looking increasingly as though I'll have to resort to the consoling maxim: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Well, apart from a rudder assembly, a frame, two good sponsons, and some interesting sail rigging...

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