Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking Guide Books

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Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking Guide Books

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I was going to post my own thoughts on various Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking Guide Books, but I see that would be redundant, and probably not as informative as those that can be found here: ... ooks.8185/

Worth taking a look, if you are planning an expedition, or doing a bit of day paddling from a local campsite in the region.

Due to limited vacation time, my distance from the region, and being on a budget, I like to do as much research as I can before setting off on an expedition, unless someone else knows the area well, or can provide the needed details.

I'm especially fond of the titles beginning with "Sea Kayak" XXX books, by Heather Harbord and others, since they are small, so will fit in your jacket pocket, and yet are packed with lots of info on the various regions.

Alas, many were produced years ago, so some of the details provided within may be out of date, but at least it's a start, and you can get an idea of what skill levels are required for some trips in the region.

Just in case anyone happens to run across it, I'm looking for an affordable copy of the "Sea Kayak Desolation Sound and the Sunshine Coast" book by Heather Harbord, preferably in very good or better condition - say $30 USD, or $40 CDN, plus shipping to the USA.. The current on-line prices for even used copies are just silly, which no doubt speaks to the popularity of the region with sea kayakers.

Please PM me, if you have or find one, before buying it, in case I've already found a copy elsewhere.

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