Kayaksailor/LH MK 2/sprayskirt

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Kayaksailor/LH MK 2/sprayskirt

Post by FrankP »

Can you use the Kayaksailor on the LH MK 2 with the velcro sprayskirt in place? Kayaksailor has a mounting adaptor that fits on a Klepper to mount the rig on the MK 2. I do like to stay dry and my wife even more so. Also when it is hot can you fold the sprayskirt down alongside your hips so it is not covering your upper body?

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Re: Kayaksailor/LH MK 2/sprayskirt

Post by john allsop »

I would expect the kayaksailor sail will be ok if you use the mount by Klepper America which fits in the sail mount hole in the coaming for the Klepper sail, i havn,t seen the Longhaul but from what i have read they appear to be similar. I use the Kayaksailor sail on my Aerius 2 with the spray cover on, as i sail on my own from the back seat i made my own mount. With all my sails i keep the spray cover on which is also home made. The photo shows my rig, your sail will be much further forward.

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