Paddle length

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Paddle length

Post by FrankP »

If you are 6 ft and 5ft 6in tall will a Werner Camano 240 be the right size given the 34 in width of the Long Haul Mark 2. We use that size now in our Inflatable AEC. 240 seems fine for the 32 in width but I think the LH MK 2 is deeper too. Any suggestions? We bought them from REI so if we need longer paddles we can replace them at no charge as members.

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Re: Paddle length

Post by mje »

I think a 240cm will be more than long enough. A lot depends on your paddling style. I use much shorter paddles.
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Re: Paddle length

Post by bstevenson »

The recent trend is to shorter paddles, but 240 cm is the traditional length for Klepper and Long Haul. I recommend that you talk this over with Mark Eckhardt too. I have Werner Camano crank shaft paddles in 220, 230, and 240. I have also borrowed a 210 cm Camano for a day. Personally I prefer the 240, even on my 22" wide hard shell kayak. The trade off is that a longer paddle makes it more likely to over stress your shoulders, arms and back. This can be controlled with proper paddling technique. A shorter paddle aids a faster cadence. An analogy would be bicycling in a bigger gear at a low cadence vs. spinning faster in a lower gear. The faster cadence is easier on your body for the same amount of work performed. My favored boat btw is a Long Haul Mk1.

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