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Report after one season

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:57 pm
by george
I thought I would report on my impressions of the Stretch Long Haul that was delivered last March.

My observations are from the perspective of someone who is large (6-3) and big (270). I am fit and athletic but getting older.

My kayak skills are not the best, I have minimal training. I also have stability issues with smaller kayaks because of my size. I have kayaked a fair amount on day trips mostly in rental boats and before this had little experience with folding kayaks.

I am sure it is a surprise to no one that my new Long Haul was really well built. This is a boat that can be trusted in difficult conditions.

I have it set up so my boat can be used as a single or a tandem so I have used it both ways.

My big concern in getting this boat was speed. I was not looking to race but I wanted a boat that could keep up in a group of kayaks.

Overall the kayak is very comfortable. I can paddle hours on end with no physical problems other than being out of shape. The boat feels very stable and kind of rolls over and through waves. Quite different from hard shell kayaks.

SINGLEHAND: I have been happy with the speed I can get out of the kayak operating single handed. Having a longer water line helps with speed. I seem generally able to get it up to hull speed with a level of effort that can be maintained over several hours. The boat tracks really well. Overall I am happy with the way it works as a single.

I have to fine tune the seat position to give me an ideal distance for bracing my feet. Currently I think I am slightly too far away from the pedals as things are set now.

TANDEM: The boat is also very stable with two aboard. My seat position is ideal. I have sort of compared speed, I think I can get more speed with a strong paddler with me but not that much more.

The only issue I have had is, with a tall male paddler in the front, my paddle movements can be felt up front if I am not careful to keep my feet to the side.

OVERALL: There is a certain amount of ritual associated with preparing and transporting the kayak. I don't currently have a place at home where the kayak could be kept assembled. Between that and my busy schedule the kayak does not get used as much as I would want. I think this summer I am going to find someplace that has sheltered waterside storage for those warm summer weekday evenings.

Longer trips where we stay multiple days by the water are heavenly. We have more of those planned this year.

I think this would be ideal for long trips camping every night. Unfortunately, my wife Does Not Camp.

Re: Report after one season

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:10 am
by john allsop
It,a while since you posted about your first season with your Long haul stretch and I am sure everyone has read it. I hope this season goes well considering the covid 19 problems. Like your wife my wife dosn,t like camping but I am sure you will manage a few trips. When my son was still at college we went on circular river trips and after he left I use to go alone the day after labor day knowing that there would be few people around. I have now been through the Longhaul site and what wonderful boats and accessories, the Mark 2 stretch classic schooner in particular looks like it will turn heads on land or on water. Let us know how this year goes.

Re: Report after one season

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:05 pm
by george
Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic has put a dent into our season this past year.

I have been working from home and have largely isolated myself from direct contact other than with my immediate household. All of our kayak travel plans ha to be cancelled. I only go out to walk the dogs or shop for food.

I am looking forward to getting vaccinated and beginning to resume normal activity..


Re: Report after one season

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 7:27 am
by john allsop
George, just noticed your reply. This covid has dented all our activities, we are in lock down again and kayaking isn,t allowed unless the rules have changed. I am 100 steps from the beach but I can,t go on the water. One person went out alone during the last lock down, when he got back the police were waiting as someone had phoned them. The reason given for kayaking alone is that if difficulties arise and the lifeboat comes out the crew might be infected by the kayaker. At that time there was no virus on the islands, now we have three cases in isolation at there homes if it gets out it will be serious, there are no medical services here to cope with it and patients would be flown to over stretched hospitals on the mainland.

Re: Report after one season

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:34 am
by idc
Hi John,
Obviously your situation in the Scillies with open water may be different from the mainland (and I take the point about not burdening the RNLI with unnecessary emergencies), but I believe the British Canoe Union has stated that canoeing/kayaking is acceptable exercise allowed within the UK/England government rules. There is a bit of a debate on the SotP website over what distance 'local' means in that context. But I'm sure your 100 steps is well within it! If you are keen to kayak it might be worth checking with the local bobby and pointing them at the BCU's statement. ... EX59jalCto

Debate here as to what 'local' means: ... 58669.html

Although its a bit nippy today, I intend to put my kayak into a local stretch of the Cam today and get a couple of hours' exercise. I'm badly in need of it after 10 months of work from home. (Missing my bicycle commute — though not missing the office itself one jot.)

Hoping the Scillies stay covid-free for you. Will be driving my 88-year old mother to Stevenage to get her first shot of the vaccination tomorrow morning early.