Raid 325

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Raid 325

Post by Ozzy »

I'm currently searching for my first folding kayak and I admit that I quite like the idea of a Nautiraid 325.
I'm a small 4'10" woman at 110lbs so from all the various kayaks out there, this seems like it might be a great fit for what I want and need in a kayak.
To any of you who owns Nautiraids, I'd love to hear your input on the following:

- Any issues or things to consider safety-wise or regarding self rescue with Nautiraids?
- How long do you expect your Nautiraids to last if used weekly.
- Any issues with stains on the white top material for their white models?
- What are your experiences with the aluminum frame and salt water? Any extra care needed here?

Any other inputs are highly valued, so thank you for taking the time to read this :D

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Re: Raid 325

Post by mje »

I owned a wood framed Raid 1 for a while. The hull quality and workmanship was the equal of any folder I’ve seen. The wooden parts were lighter than Long Haul or Klepper but easily repairable or replaceable if need be. If you maintain it well, it’ll outlast you.
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Re: Raid 325

Post by Rob »

I don't own a Nautiraid, but do know that you need to disassemble and rinse well with fresh water, any aluminum framed kayaks, in order to prevent saltwater corrosion.

Also, aluminum-framed kayaks left assembled for more than a month or two tend to have their frames seize, negating their ability to be taken apart and put into a backpack, or bag.

From what I've read here, if/when that occurs, drastic surgery with a hacksaw, and/or a Dremel cutting wheel is the only solution to get it apart, leading to tears, much frustration, and time-consuming reconstruction, under the best of circumstances. Some just throw them out rather than deal with the hassle.

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Re: Raid 325

Post by CitizenWolf »

I have a Narak 460. Don't drag the boat over mud! As I found out, mud is highly abrasive and will wear a hole in the fabric. I certainly wasn't expecting that..... :( I since got a C-Tug trolley with the larger wheels which has proved excellent for hauling the kayak over mud (and sand and stones and generally everywhere).

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Re: Raid 325

Post by AndrewFold »

The Raid 325 looks a very practical vessel, wishing you all the best with it. We have had a wooden-framed nautiraid with "expedition" hull skin for over 10 years. If the deck material is the same, then there will be no problem in keeping it clean as it is not absorbent. Fresh water rinsing and dry storage of the skin is always worthwhile before storage to prevent the salt attracting moisture and mould/slime etc. The maintenance issues we have had during this time were replacing corroded brass eyelets and rivets, replacing UV damaged bungee cords and sticking back on the stabilair valves with contact adhesive. None of these affect safety, but we always carry a tube of contact adhesive and small roll of duct tape with the boat in any case.
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Re: Raid 325

Post by siravingmon »

Sorry to be coming to this so late, but you do need to be careful with stains on the white deck. E.g. from Teak oil from a stored Greenland paddle or any rust stains. Having said that,white absolutely makes sense in hot climates

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