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Micro Review

Post by mel »

I don't have a Nautiraid but a friend has 2. A single and a double. He and his wife are both happy with them. From personal observation, they are easy to setup but not real fast. Lots of wood parts that go together easily. Neither one is as fast as my K-1 was and my Big Kahuna was faster also. They were very comfortable to paddle in calm to medium water. We were never out in storms, so I can't testify there. We were also in lakes vs. sea.

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Post by Paul »

They are good looking boats. The Seda/Nautiraid website has some nice photos that users have sent in. One photo has a large deer in the cockpit of Raid II (hunting season), another with a sizable halibut in a Raid II, and one more with a donkey drinking out of the cockpit of a double. I've heard that if you need replacement parts getting them is not easy.


Replacement Parts

Post by mel »

That may be true, but it looks like you could easily make the ones you need if it comes to that. It all depends on the part I guess.


Raid II 500

Post by peter »

Hi Folks:

Is any one out there using the Raid II 500 double as a large single? What do you think of it generally re quality of construction, durability, etc, and
does it handle paddled solo? Thank you kindly for your input.


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