Grand Raid II Expedition, not very good??

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Grand Raid II Expedition, not very good??

Post by Fristrom »

I have just bought myself a Nautiraid Grand Raid II 540 Expedition. My first kayak, got a new one at a extremely good price so I could afford it, I was the only one to bid at an e-bay auktion :D .
Waiting for the ice to disappear from north of Sweden, it´s probably a meter thick now, I try to read what I can about folding kayaks and also make myself some eskimo paddles. Searching on the internet was how I found this site.
I also found this German guy who more or less kills Nautiraid built after 2002.See ... 378943,8,1. It´s in German but Google translate gives a good understanding about what he think´s. Does anyone have any comment to what he writes, he seems to be experienced enough.

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Re: Grand Raid II Expedition, not very good??

Post by mje »

Nautiraids have excellent hulls- every bit as good as a Klepper's- but their frames are not as well made. They are, however, easy to repair, and quick to assemble. The Grand Raid is used by French special forces and has a reputation for being a rugged boat that can handle difficult conditions. It's not as responsive as shorter, narrower boats, and not a great choice for solo paddling, but it's a good sailor and a good boat for hauling a lot of gear.
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Re: Grand Raid II Expedition, not very good??

Post by Paul »

I read a translated version. Wow. Sounds like the guy really had a bad experience. I agree with him about the packing bags--they are quite flimsy. Nautiraid does offer a heavier duty bag as an extra. His gripe with the boat was mainly limited to the D-rings, though.

I agree with Mike's assessment.
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