Nautiraid Miniraid kayak

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Nautiraid Miniraid kayak

Post by ChrisO »

Hello everyone,
I am a fairly new member here. Since I seem to have a somewhat unusual small Nautiraid, it was suggested that I post a photo.
This little number is my go to kayak for quick local paddles. Which means local lakes, the Oakland estuary and sloughs around San Francisco Bay. It is really perfect for that: An all PVC skin permits quick clean-up after outings with out the fussiness of having to thoroughly dry a fabric deck. Assembly is surprisingly fast, considering that the skin fits tight over the wood frame. In typical Nautiraid fashion, the sponsons are on the outside of the hull. Stability is superb, so is responsiveness. It accelerates quickly, has a good turn of speed and turns on a dime. No doubt, the tight fit of the skin on the frame helps. The flip side to the responsiveness is that it is a kayak for the active paddler, no relaxed gliding here. You have to keep paddling, otherwise it will just make a hook turn. On the maintenance side I have had to re-glue the two longitudinal seams in the hull, varnish the frame members, and expect to occasionally have to do minor frame repairs ( the skin under tension puts quite a bit of strain on the frame during assembly).
Lastly, it carries my, um..., middle age frame without complaint, even though I might exceed the weight rating by a few pounds... Waves and ship wakes are not a problem.

The Miniraid vitals:
length 12'-6"
width with inflated sponsons 30"
weight 37 lb
frame: ash and birch plywood
age? Not sure, but think it is from the early to mid 1990's
portability: the single bag fits into the trunk of my VW GTI

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Re: Nautiraid Miniraid kayak

Post by gbellware »


Thanks for sharing that. Don't believe I have ever seen one before and I assume they are now extinct? Looks a little like the Folbot Gremlin, albeit with the frame design and quality of Nauteraid. Enjoy.

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Re: Nautiraid Miniraid kayak

Post by bstevenson »


Thanks for sharing details about your Nautiraid. It certainly has nice lines and it is a model I have not heard of before. Very nice.


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