Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

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Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

Post by Papsmagee »

I am 6'7", 260, and am therefore unable to fit comfortably into the cockpit on my Grand Raid spray deck. Also, I cannot come even close to fitting into the spray skirt that came with the boat. I get absolutely NO REPLY to my emails for help to Nautiraid, so I am trying to solve this myself.

Can anyone out there in "kayak land" send me information on a fabricator in the US that can build me a new spray deck with larger cockpit dimensions? This is the only way I can think of to solve this problem. My wife and I plan to paddle for a week in the San Juan Islands later this summer, and I'd feel my better about the trip if I could use a deck and skirt.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.


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Re: Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

Post by chrstjrn »

I think Pakboats might know someone who can do those sorts of jobs. You could look on their website for their number and give them a call and ask if they have a referral.
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Re: Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

Post by gbellware »

First, I completely agree that a trip in the San Juans would be best with a spray skirt. That water is cold and the weather can change quickly. If Pakboats works that is great, I would also give Mark Eckhert at Longhaul a call, he is pretty knowledgable and might be of some help.

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Re: Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

Post by siravingmon »

A large Feathercraft sprayskirt easily stretches to 35". I used one on my Narak, advertised as having a 36" cockpit, with an extra rope lip. At 36+" it was a little bit tight so should be perfect at 35". Extremely well made.

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Re: Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

Post by ChrisO »


Have you tried Seda (Nautiraid's rep) in San Diego?
Am I correct that the spray cover is for a double?
I second Simon's suggestion to look into Feathercraft.

Chris O.

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Re: Nautiraid Grand Raid II Expedition

Post by mje »

Talk to Mark at Long Haul. He makes a lot of custom gear and mods. He made me a custom backpack for an inflatable I used to own.
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