Nautiraid packing instructions

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Nautiraid packing instructions

Post by Bluedog225 »

Hello from Austin

I thought I was a member from years back but dont see my posts. In any event, I have a nautiraid grand raid from. I’ve finally retired and I would like to travel with it.

Over the years I managed to lose the packing instructions and don’t find them online. As I recall, they had a pretty clever order of proceeding.

Any help appreciated.



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Re: Nautiraid packing instructions

Post by HoosierPaddler »


If no one responds immediately, you might contact Nautiraid directly. I knkow they are busy but I am sure they will respond promptly.

Hoosier Paddler.

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Re: Nautiraid packing instructions

Post by AndrewFold »

We have a Nautiraid 520 wooden model and I will try and attach the instructions for that. There used to be a Nautiraid youtube video too.
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Re: Nautiraid packing instructions

Post by siravingmon »

Don’t forget to put thin plastic rubbish bags over the bow and the stern of the frames the first time you assemble it after a long period of disuse before inserting the bow and stern halves into the kayak skin. Without this trick I still can’t get my Feathercraft Wisper or my Nautiraid Narak 460 together

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