Any info on the Nautiraid Miniraid

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Any info on the Nautiraid Miniraid

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A Nautiraid Miniraid II has come up for sail in my neck of the woods. I'm having trouble finding any information on this Kayak other than this post from this very forum and possibly this one review for a "Raid I Mk II" (is it the same thing?) from Does anyone know where I can find any more info about this kayak online? One question in particular I'm struggling to answer is whether this is a touring kayak or made for fishing, etc.

Thank you!

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Re: Any info on the Nautiraid Miniraid

Post by siravingmon »

From the pictures and the dimensions I imagine you could use it both for fishing and touring. At 30 inches wide with the sponsors inflated it will be incredibly stable. As a touring kayak (not really sure what that means – is it the same as recreational kayak?), it’ll be a bit slow as it short and wide, but one of the nice things about Nautiraids is that if you don’t inflate the sponsons you instantly have a narrower and slightly faster but less stable kayak (but without theSafety feature that makes it unsinkable, so you need to add airbags, a good idea anyway for a folding kayak). On my 416 model it’s easy enough to inflate and deflate the sponson is on the water.

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Re: Any info on the Nautiraid Miniraid

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I'm only used to the bigger 2 seater raid kayaks for which I'd echo the previous comments. I came across this review in Diaz' book "Complete Folding Kayaker' Edition 1. Hopefully it's ok to copy these 3 pages at low resolution.
page40.jpg (33.58 KiB) Viewed 381 times
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