Nose Plugs

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Nose Plugs

Post by Christov_Tenn »

I got some nose plugs last month and think I will try them out tomorrow.

My stupid question: How do you use them? Do you put the bulbed prongs inside your nostrils in an attempt to literally plug them, or do you press the prongs on either side of the nostrils pressing them shut from the outside?

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Post by tsunamichuck »

Pressing the outside of your nose closing your nostrils. No nose picking for 4 hours after removal.
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Post by Christov_Tenn »

tsunamichuck wrote:No nose picking for 4 hours after removal.
No problem, I just trimmed my nails this morning... :mrgreen:


Post by kayakamper »

Always keep a set in my PFD just for rescue and recovery practice. :P



Re: Nose Plugs

Post by kiwisailor »

Hi, NOT a good idea to tie them around neck for safe keeping as they MAY get caught in deck gear etc.
Enjoy the journey, Wayne

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