Canoe paddle (again)

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Canoe paddle (again)

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May be this belongs in Coffeehouse - it has little to do with folders. Though, single-blade question does appear at the forum from time to time.
I used to think that canoe paddle does not allow high speeds, or at least requires kneeling position for efficient high speed paddling. When I tried canoe paddle in 28" Longhaul MK1 (2-blade paddle wasn't efficient because of BSD sail rig), I found it so slow that switched back to my GP. Even with very short stroke and frequent banging against the crossbar, GP was more efficient than canoe paddle. Probably a lot depends on the boat, seat height, coaming height, and how often you have to alternate the sides. In LH MK1 I felt that alternating the sides was needed before one hand became tired - because of the deviation from the course (even with the rudder down and deflected more than usual, which isn't good).

Or may be canoe paddle is more efficient in the right boat and over very long hours, i.e. what you lose in speed, you gain in energy conservation. Below is some reading about Kruger Canoes, Seawind and Dreamcatcher (same 28.5" wide hull in both models, different decking): ... index.html
and the long version is here: ... rized.aspx

Here is an extract:
I've not missed paddling my [NDK] Explorer at all, and have retired it for the season at least until after the [Everglades] challenge. I now think of the Explorer as my play kayak, rather than my expedition kayak. I've also not been much interested in using the GP or any double bladed paddle. Zaveral Racing Equipment has sponsored me in the UC by providing an 8oz bent shaft carbon fiber distance canoe paddle. I find it so much easier on my joints, and enjoy the rest provided by alternating sides.
Note that those Kruger boats allow 3 adjustable height positions of the seat, with 2" increments. Quite a cavernous boat.
Also note that for a fast paddling with canoe paddle you have to move the paddle very fast - they are talking about 50-55 strokes per minute, I don't think this is for me, even considering lighter weight of single-blade paddle. Covering 70 statute miles a day also isn't for everybody (even if helped with a small downwind sail).

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