Non seized frame

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Non seized frame

Post by kiwisailor »

Hi, just to let you know that last season in the Tropics, I left my Feathercraft Ki assembled for six months. Sinner!

Well, I checked it occasionally..

Before I assembled it, I warmed all the joints and ensured they were well coated with warm Lanocote, applied with artists brush.

Ensure you get under those stainless steel clips !

No problem getting it apart, and no sign of any corrosion.
After using it on a daily basis, I would get a couple of litres of fresh water and slosh it around end to end and sponge out.

Just a thought for those of you who don't wish to disassemble or unable to.

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Re: Non seized frame

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I've always had the same good luck using Boeshield T-9 religiously on all the frame connections.
Boeshield was developed by Boeing (the massive aircraft manufacturer) to use as a moisture exclusion spray to use in airplanes that would not harm electronic cables and hydraulic components (hence: rubbers, plastics, synthetic fabrics.) I'm pretty cautious about what I use that might get onto the skin of my boat unless I can get more detailed assurances of the product's safety and ingredients. Looking at the Lanocote MSDS: ... 57msds.pdf

They don't say anything about safety with other materials than metals specifically, but I did find another product called Lanox that seems to have virtually the same aliphatic petroleum and wool grease ingredients as Lanocare and they state this:

"LANOX is harmless to metal points & surfaces, plastics, painted & enamel finishes, fibreglass, formica, rubber or neoprene seals."

So it sounds like it's a safe option. Watch what solvents you use to clean it off -- the recommended acetone won't hurt nylon, but can be harmful to some types of rubber and plastic components. Just don't spill any on the skin or non metal fittings.
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Re: Non seized frame

Post by mje »

Another good choice is aluminum anti-seize from your local auto parts store. The best advice, of course, is to disassemble the boat after use! I have two Folbots currently and I've owned two others and two Feathercrafts and never had a problem with tubes seizing.
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Re: Non seized frame

Post by kiwisailor »

Hi Kerry, don't know about Lanocare, not a product I've seen down this way (New Zealand).

I'm not advocating that people use this product and leave their boats without follow up T.L.C. , just that I have had excellent results with this product through careful application and follow up.

I am very aware of the electrolytic action between the alloy tube and the Stainless Steel button locks + sea water = trouble.

For me, with the K1 stored on deck of my Sailboat to enable paddling on a daily basis, it is just not practical to take apart on a regular basis. (ie Lazy)

I feel that the washing out with fresh water and vigorous sloshing helps a lot.

As it will cost me approx. $NZ8000 to replace my K1, I am very careful..

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