Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig

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Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig


Hello everyone - I've lurked for a while to learn about folders, this site has a wealth of knowledge! I recently purchased a 1994 Klepper Aerius I Classic with S1 mainsail (no jib). Overall I'm really enjoying this boat and have been pleasantly surprised by it's speed and tracking. There are a few items that need to be addressed with rudder placement lifelines etc that are easy enough to sort out. But there are a couple enhancements I could use your guidance on.

I sailed last weekend with the S1 mainsail and was underwhelmed by the performance. Probably not a surprise as the S1 mainsail, by itself, isn't that big. A few years back I found a local craigslist add for a Balogh sail. At the time I had no idea what I'd use the sail for but it was offered at $100 and I knew they were quite expensive new. Knowing I eventually wanted to pull together a sailing kayak or canoe I went to see the sail and offered $50 which was accepted. I'm not usually good at buying and selling on CL but this was an exception! The sail is an older, I'd guess 10-15 years, 24 sq.ft. Batwing with good battens. It came with a mast as well but I have no idea what that came from and it won't work with the Klepper mast partner (too thick). What I'd like to do is extend the S1 mast, which is about 9' tall another 18" to accommodate the Batwing sail and provide headroom. Any recommendations on the best way to do this?

Additionally, the lee board attaches further back on the coaming than I'd like. I've toyed with the idea of moving this forward, which would necessitate cutting deeper notches for the J bolt attachment point, but am concerned it will adversely effect handling. Has anyone tried something similar? I'd really like to have just a bit more room in the cockpit...


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Re: Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig

Post by gbellware »

Welcome mnklepper! There are several sailors on the board who have experimented with various rigs, you will get suggestions but no direct answers to your questions...there are no answers when it comes to sailing :roll:

My suggestions: 1. Go ahead and modify the leeboards to be able to mount them farther forward. You can always angle the boards aft/fore to balance the rudder force you need for wind/point/current conditions. 2. Be careful with the mast height. I would suggest trying to modify the mast step and partner to let you keep the original Balogh geometry as close to stock as possible... keep the COG of the Balogh as low as you can get it. Otherwise you will make your boat very tender and may even need aka/ama setup to keep it upright is any decent wind. As you mention, the S1 is not much of a sail and you might be surprised how much more effective the fully battened Balogh rig is. And I would trade additional headroom for low COG on any windy day.

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Re: Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig

Post by arcprof »

Without a jib your CE (center of effort) will be well aft from standard and will require the leeboards to be set aft to compensate. That's the theory but in practise the effects of an out of balance rig are a marked tendency for the boat to steer either into the wind (weather helm) or away (lee helm) when close hauled (sailing close to the wind). Ideally you want a little weather helm so that letting go of the rudder pedals allows the boat to luff up into the wind which is safer than heading off onto a reach.
I'd recommend you experiment with your leeboard position with your Balogh sail. Its CE is probably well forward of the S1 main so may allow you to bring the leeboard bracket forward. My 1960's S4 bracket has two pairs of slots for the j bolts so allows a wide range of positions.
You should be able to find a suitable diameter alloy tube to fit inside the top section of your S1 mast assuming it is the newer alloy type. The cap comes off with the blocks.
Cheers Jim

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Re: Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig

Post by robonaboat »

It's standard practice to file out the Klepper mast partner so as to fit the BSD mast.
And to drill a hole through the mast below the mast partner for a fastpin to hold the mast down,
preferably with an aluminium tube sleeve a few inches long, that's a diameter which will just slip over the mast, between the inserted pin and the underside of the mast partner. This makes it easier to get a tight fit, so the mast base can't lift out of the mast step while sailing.

I hope that's understandable.

Moving your leeboard forward a bit is unlikely to cause a problem.

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Re: Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig

Post by john allsop »

The recommended location for the lee boards when using a klepper sail was said to be best when close to the mast. I like it there. If you need to lengthen the slots in the mounting board then do so. I have NO experience of the Balogh rig.


Re: Recommendations on Balogh Franken-Rig


Thanks everyone for your responses. I have some thinking and working to do here...I got distracted a couple weeks ago and bought a Folbot Kodiak. Looking forward to comparing these two side by side!

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