Folbot modifications

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Folbot modifications

Post by gabrielr »

I purchased my folbot Aleut over 10 years ago from the original owner.
I constantly struggled to fit the frame into the skin. The assembled kayak resembled a banana and there were no references I could find to successfully deal with a shrunken skin.
I was about to give up when I came across Jon Sairs from who has kind enough to submit the manufacturers guide to dealing with a shrunken skin.(Medelman will attach the document).
Finally a solution to this problem acknowledged by the manufacturer.
I am about to embark on shortening the frame as per instructions. Still waiting to source original rivets (Magna-Lok made by Huck/Arconic no size or length details as yet)
My thanks also to member MGGrady for his ongoing assistance.

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Re: Folbot modifications

Post by kdwalmsley »

Magna-Lok are commonly available if you are in the States. Grainger, etc...


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Re: Folbot modifications

Post by GrnMtns »

In my experience you can use any aluminum 3/16" diameter x3/8" long to fix issues. The Folbot style rivet was the best for sure.

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