Puffin Swift faster than a K1?

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Puffin Swift faster than a K1?

Post by Paul »

It appears so. The Puffin Swift has less resistance than a K1 and the Fujita 500 for cruising speeds up to 4.5 knots. I was comparing the hydrostatics of various long, skinny folders when I stumbled upon that surprising factoid.

I'd like a folder with a bit more cruising speed the my LH single. I had some residual pain on my ankles and feet for about a week following my 3 hour stint squeezing into Tsunami's Khats. If I ever did get another folder, it's gonna have to be a bit bigger in order to accomodate my size 14/15 feet. Recent posts about the Montbell 530 peaked my interest about this Japanese folder, particularly because I know Dave has big feet as well and has no problem fitting inside the cockpit. I ordered a copy of the June 2003 SK mag, which reviewed the Montbell 530. I compared the resistance and stability figures with the Khats, K1, Fujita 500, Ally, and others. Here's what I found:

For a 4 knot cruising pace, the Khats is #1, with a 10% lead over the 2nd fastest, the Montbell and Ally (tied). The Fujita and K1 are nearly as easy to paddle at that speed. The real difference begins at 4.5 knots where the Khats is still #1 and 7% easier to paddle at that speed vs. the Montbell and Ally, which are again tied for 2nd. The Fujita and K1 require 15% more effort to paddle at 4.5knots than the Khats (~9% more than the Montbell).

In terms of stability, the Montbell has initial stability comparable to the Folbot Kodiak and total stability somewhere between the Khats and K1. The final stability is also similar, but a little less than the Kodiak. The final stability of the K1 and Kodiak are very similar, with the K1 having slightly more. I measure by looking at how far each kayak can heel before moving beyond the righting moment, and how much pressure is required to get to that point.

So, the Puffin is faster than the K1 and Fujita, but less stable.

The Montbell is the tied with Ally as the 2nd fastest folder, atleast to cruise at 4.5 knots.

K1, Fujita, Montbell, Ally have basically the same resistance at 4 knots, with the fujita having the most stability, the K1 2nd and the Montbell 3rd.

At 4.5 knots the Montbell requires 10% less effort to paddle vs. the K1.

Ah, forgot the Greenland Solo--it takes 5% more effort to cruise at 4 knots vs. the others, and is between the Montbell and K1 at 4.5 knots. With a 250 pound load it is the most stable of them all but with a 200 lb load its the least stable.

All clear?

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Re: Puffin Swift faster than a K1?

Post by maryinoxford »

Paul wrote: Puffin Swift faster than a K1? It appears so.
I'd have thought a lot would depend on the payload, and water conditions. What's right for one would be quite wrong for the other.
Paul wrote: I'd like a folder with a bit more cruising speed the my LH single.
Well, if you're interested in a lightly-used Swift, and you ever get back to the UK, mine will be for sale soon... I've just ordered a Wisper...

Not in Oxford any more...

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