Use of Natural Ranges

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Use of Natural Ranges

Post by krudave »

Nice little summary with a couple quick animations to illustrate how ranging works, and its value when crossing tidal streams, etc.:
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Re: Use of Natural Ranges

Post by kayakamper »

thanks for posting this Dave. This could be helpful for those caught out there.

Interesting, the illustrations put me in mind of what it must be like for a plane to land in a cross wind. i'm sure it is very similar.


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Re: Use of Natural Ranges

Post by chrstjrn »

I didn't read the whole article, but from the illustrations and a quick skim, and speaking as a pilot, yes: that is pretty much the same theory. It is called "crab angle" when landing. It is also used when flying any course in a cross wind, actually. The old circular slide rules used by pilots-- the E6B, etc.-- have a trigonometric function built into them to determine how you need to adjust your heading to maintain a course in a crosswind (which includes quartering winds, by the way).

Knowing how to use one of those circular slide rules is a wonderful thing, while we're on the subject. A myriad of uses. I always wear a watch with one built in (Citizen, not Breitling 8) ), and use it often.
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