A welcome message to newcomers <-- NEWCOMERS Please Read!

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A welcome message to newcomers <-- NEWCOMERS Please Read!

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Welcome to the FoldingKayaks.org user forum. This is a place where folding kayak fans around the world can get together and exchange information. We encourage open discussions and have only a very few rules.

Please post a short item introducing yourself after you register. This is EXTREMELY important! This lets me know you're an active participant, and not a spammer. If you do not post an introduction, your account will be deleted in a week or two. Tell us where you live, what your kayaking experience is, what boats you own, where you like to paddle, that sort of thing.

And please add your location to your profile. This is another check against spammers. I periodically check locations against IP addresses as another spammer check. Accounts that violate this requirement will also be deleted.

Be nice. No personal attacks, no insults, no obscenities.

Your first post may take a day or two to appear, as I have to approve initial posts. Be patient. Please do NOT post a duplicate if your first post doesn’t show up immediately! I spend a lot of time removing duplicates and it tends to make me cranky.

The forum doesn’t support direct uploading of photos. That’s because I have a limited amount of storage space, and too many photos slows down the server. Increasing available storage would require a dedicated server at a significant increase in my cost. As I already subsidize this web site out of pocket, that’s just not in the cards. You can of course host photos of any size elsewhere and link to them here using the img button.

Please do not join just to post a link to your non-kayak related business. This usually results in deletion of your account and banning of your email ID before anyone can see it.

If you've followed a link directly to this forum, you may not know that this is only part of a larger page- at The main Foldingkayaks.org web site you can find articles and reviews.

I hope you find this site both useful and interesting, and if you do, and want to help support it, consider making a small contribution or buying books and supplies through our Amazon link and other ads here and on the main http://foldingkayaks.org pages.
Michael Edelman
FoldingKayaks.org Webmaster


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