Buying Pouch SE 2005

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Buying Pouch SE 2005

Post by Charles »

I'm considering treking to Germany from the UK to buy this. I'd appreciate feedback from members who either actually own this model or looked at it

Pro's and con's would be great



Here's what i'd heard about...

Post by Springwalker »

Hi Charles:
The SE 2005 it is a great folbot indeed and it had received lots of positive feedback. The first and major fact when buying a boat is how you sit in the boat. Do you have a good and stable body contact and feeling? The SE 2005 seems to be more agile and slightly faster than the E 65. Some say that it does run wet in sea waters, it breaks through the wave, what is not a minus, it does not surf as much. This kind of drilling through the waves might feel less stable when it is a new experience to you but it is faster. Some mentioned the pour fastening of the spray deck being a weak point.
Don't they offer this boat in your country?
regards, Knownknight


Thanks KnownKnight

Post by Charles »

Looking forwards to any further views, unfortunately no Pouch dealers in the UK


Post by westcoastwill »

Charles, here are some photos from the SE 2005 in Sardinia:

I went from Austria to Canada to purchase my Feathercrafts, why not go to Germany for a Pouch?





Post by Philipp »


Post your inquiry at -> Forum and you surely will receive help and support. Maybe there is also one who will let you try his/her SE2005 as soon as the weather has got more encouraging for paddling.

I've heard that the SE2005 offers only little room for luggage, especially when you are a tall guy.
Some like the boat very much, others consider it as a combination of disadvantages (little space for luggage like a slim boat, but not as fast; roughly same dimensions and speed as "traditional" folders that, however, offer more room for luggage).

If you are interested in a good and little usd E65 send me a pm.

Regards and good luck


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