Pouch RZ85 solo

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Pouch RZ85 solo

Post by asko »

Hello and greetings from Finland!

I have been reading this forum quite a lot lately and found lots of good information. As I am a beginner in both kayaking and folding kayaking I would like to ask some questions regarding Pouch RZ85. I just found one used Pouch RZ85 which the seller asks for 550 euros, a bit over 700 USD. The boat seems to be in good condition.

Is it good idea to paddle Pouch RZ85 solo and how will it perform? What kind of problems there might be when paddling this boat solo? I know that some of the twoseaters can be paddled solo also e.g. Wayland Amazon. Some of these also have conversion kits in order to relocate the seat into better position for solo paddling. This kayak does not have the conversion kit, does it make the solo paddling properties dramatically worse?

I would use this maybe 50/50 solo and twoseater. There will be fishing, daytrips and maybe some longer trips.

About my background: I'm about 170cm tall so it would make 5.6 feet and weight 70kg, i.e. 155 pounds. I haven't been kayaking before, but I do have some experience on other watersports and boating.

Any other information or comments about RZ85 are also welcome.




Re: Pouch RZ85 solo

Post by asko »

Sorry, I accidentally posted this to wrong place. Should be in Pouch subforum.



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Re: Pouch RZ85 solo

Post by gbellware »

I have not paddled the Pouch, but it is similar in length and beam to the Klepper Quattro that I paddle solo about half the time I take it out. It is a lot of boat to paddle in the wind, especially without any gear, as it gets pushed around quite a bit (strong lee helm) but it is a pleasure under sail in any conditions. I paddle from the rear seat and find it better to put a couple of 5 gallon water containers in the bow for balance.
It is also a great fishing platform, with plenty of room for gear and to move around. It is so stable that there is one maniac who actually stands up in his.

So my $.02 is yes, I would say it is practical and a reasonable alternative if you can only have one boat.

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Re: Pouch RZ85 solo

Post by nikolash »

I have completed 250 km trip in pouch RZ85 kayak, solo 50-60 km legs.
My experience is that it is really fast and stable kayak with lot of space, payload, and great tracking, but for such big boat paddled solo rudder is a must. Problem is when you solo paddle it that you can't move seat position, you could only choose between front and rear seat. I haven't encountered strong side winds only headwinds and it was manageable from rear seat.
On the trip I got advice from older paddler what I should do if the (side)wind gets stronger, I should take front seat and also move rudder controls forward and move luggage back, that is very stable and balanced configuration (similar to an airplane) but the draw back is that you can't walk along open cockpit or take stuff from your luggage while you are on water, because everything is behind you.
You will enjoy your boat, on the water it is really great performer.


Re: Pouch RZ85 solo

Post by jop »

The RZ85 is an excellent boat for solo paddling. If you have a fair amount of luggage in front to counter-balance your weight, you can paddle from the existing rear seat. Otherwise it is easy to modify. Check this (it's in German, but the pictures show it well. Google translate may do the trick):



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