80's RZ 85-3 hull durability?

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Re: 80's RZ 85-3 hull durability?

Post by gbellware »

Glad you got to enjoy your Pouch for a while before it came apart. Did you do the repair on the water? Impressive.

There are lots of options to get the hull back in shape. Of course you can go to Pouch, or you can talk to info@heise-faltboote.de to have your hull replaced For some reason that I don't really understand the deck is a big piece of the cost and if yours can be sewn to a new hull you can save a big piece of the cost. Mark @ Longhaul Folding Kayaks in the U.S. does this for Kleppers, he may do it for a Pouch. The last place I would rely on is Wayland, their service history, as documented on this forum, is pretty sad.

Let us know of your adventures,

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Re: 80's RZ 85-3 hull durability?

Post by Confotasao »

Did you find a new skin for your Pouch ?

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Re: 80's RZ 85-3 hull durability?

Post by DLee »

Beautiful! Glad to hear that Pouch is still going strong. I had no idea.

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Re: 80's RZ 85-3 hull durability?

Post by Confotasao »

Congratulations for your boat ! I've sailed this month, with good feeling to go downwind, but a relative quick impression to go as a crab when i wanted to go upwind. Did you note the same limitations to go upwind ?
Sailing, in complement of paddling help to go upwind, is a real pleasure on this boat.

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