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Paddle length, sail rig

Post by Anne »

We are using much longer paddles, Nimbus Kiska in 245cm. I tried a shorter paddle (wooden Grey Owl), but found it difficult to maintain a low angle stroke. I also got water in the boat with a shorter paddle. But if you are taller with longer arms a shorter paddle should be good.

The sail rig is old, made by folding boat manufacturer Hart in Munich (doesn't exist anymore). ... mit_segeln (smaller sail also fits on kayak) I will take only the jib on overnight trips I think.



Post by Christov_Tenn »

Please post some photos of the sail rig in use. Someday I may work up the nerve to try sailing my boat.

A little further down the page I noticed an inflatable boat that resembled one of Tom Yost's experimentals - Schlauchboot "SEETEUFEL". Sea Devil? Still, a pretty cool looking boat.

Fair winds to you,


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