Improvised Foot Support for Quest 150

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Improvised Foot Support for Quest 150

Post by LivinLikeLarry »

Pakboat has not had stock for foot pegs since I purchased the kayak, so I've currently been using a large float/gear bag to brace my feet against with some success. I have a large trip in roughly a week that will involve some high mileage days, and I was hoping the foot pegs would have been in stock by now. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for some improvised foot support?

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Re: Improvised Foot Support for Quest 150

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

You could probably rig a platform foot support like Feathercraft had in most of its models (like in my Kahuna and current Wisper.) It's made of the same sort of white plastic as many cutting board (blanking out on what the material is called but it is similar to what they use for the FC ribs) and attached to the frame with nylon adjustable buckle straps so the placement cab be changed as needed. Works very well.

Here is a link to page 15 of the Wisper assembly which shows the foot platform. I know you can buy this material in sheets of various sizes and thicknesses. But specialty kitchen equipment shops carry many sizes of cutting board made of the stuff which could be cut into shape. ... =15#manual
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Re: Improvised Foot Support for Quest 150

Post by geoffrose »

pics: ... NbfMa?dl=0

I'm very happy with my version of a footrest. It's the combination of a pool noodle and a wooden dowel. I drilling a hole near each end of the dowel and used a shoelace to tie it to the frame. Easy to adjust, light, and sturdy. I just took it on a 220 km trip Peterborough to Kingston Ontario.

While I'm showing off McGivering, here is other stuff:

For the same trip I used, for the first time, pontoons. Love them! Cheap on Amazon. The hole reinforcements are cut from the patches that came with them. Seem very sturdy yet light. They are held to the boat using the center two sections of an aluminum kayak paddle (I had a spare). I removed the two long poles that go between the sponsons, so I'm lighter now for portaging. I alway found this boat kinda tippy. Couldn't even comfortably look behind me. Now I can stand up in the boat! I was out in 3 foot cross waves (real windy) for one whole day - handled them perfectly, didn't even have to think about it. They seem quite aerodynamic and barely touch the water, so my speed was still quite good. I didn't care what monster boat was crossing my path at whatever speed. Can't wait to try these in some serious surf. Also I imagine this boat will now be really easy to reenter from the water.

The portage wheels are quite light, and sure made short work getting around the 19 locks on this trip.

One thing you can't really see in the pics is that I've removed the seat and frame that holds it and replaced with an inflatable kayak seat from Amazon. The new seat is lighter (yet sturdy), easier to remove and dry, more compact when deflated, more comfortable and adjustable (I don't put too much air in it so it conforms more to my back, giving nice lumbar support). It means I'm sitting lower, so more stable, yet it keeps water in my boat from getting to my butt.

My new hammock tent might be my sweetest new toy. As it hangs across me, rather than head to foot, it lies completely flat, and can even be set up without trees, though then you miss the absolutely incredible good sleep this hammock has to offer. It's adjustable like a gravity chair, and the whole kit, including a huge tarp, weighs 3lb. (4 with the mattress).

Lastly, all of my air valves in the sponson failed this year. Go figure. My boat is about 5 years old. I was not thrilled with the replacements that I got from Packboat for my other kayak, so I got these off Amazon. They seem much sturdier. This glue was also far better than what I used before. I put it on both surfaces, waited till it almost lost its tack (5-7 minutes) and then pressed together. Perfect! But if you wait even a few minutes longer it doesn't stick as well and I had to add a bit of glue on a few edges. Best to do one or two at a time. Lesson learned.

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Re: Improvised Foot Support for Quest 150

Post by LivinLikeLarry »

Thank you both for providing those ideas so quickly. Together they provided the inspiration for my improvised foot support.

I put a 1/2 inch PVC pipe inside of a pool noodle, and ran a cam strap through the center of the PVC. The cam buckle makes it very easy to adjust the length of the foot support while sitting in the boat. I also have a second cam strap that lifts the whole thing up (similar to Feathercraft's design), however it seems unlikely that I'd be able to reach that strap without stopping the kayak. Still debating whether I will use the second strap or not, but otherwise I feel pretty confident that this setup will be better than trying to brace against a float bag.

I'll post an update after my trip on how this design holds up in practice.

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Re: Improvised Foot Support for Quest 150

Post by Apathizer »

So, how is your experience with the Quest 150 so far? I'm curious of your experiences so far.

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