Pakboat Durability

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Re: Pakboat Durability

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BradT wrote:A worthy boat you may want to look at is the Folbot Cooper. I've had one since 2008. It's beautiful to look at, very fast, light and well made. REI now has them, for $1800, with no shipping charges, BUT as an REI member you'll get 10% back, meaning the boat will cost you $1620. At this price, I've not seen anything close. It comes with an excellent backpack. I've had in it in all conditions, except extreme storms, on the ocean. It swallows a ton of gear for multi-day camping trips. It's very easy to get at your stuff, because the deck has zippers. You let a little air out of the sponsons and you can open them. I set it up, with practice, in just over 20 minutes. Yesterday I had it taken apart and in the backpack in 12 minutes. It has a lifetime (yes, lifetime) warranty and they mean it. Best thing I ever bought. Don't compare it to a $4000 Feathercraft Wisper, like many people seem to do. It's not as good as that!
Sorry, but I have to call bunk on the highlighted portion. While the Cooper has enough space for up to a few days of camping, to say "It swallows a ton of gear" is inaccurate. It's a fairly low-volume boat. That said, most people don't do weeks long expeditions, and the Cooper has enough space for the needs of most paddlers.
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