spray skirts fitting XT15, XT16, XT17

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spray skirts fitting XT15, XT16, XT17

Post by schwob »

Hi, I am new to the forum. I found some info here to my question, but generally am still fishing or answers.
I am not sure but I think I read that the Pakboats XT15, XT16 & XT17 have the same cockpit size.
So what spray skirt size from various manufacturers may fit these cockpits?

How do you like (or dislike) your particular sprayskirt?

I was thinking to try to get one that is adjustable around me (hoping to achieve weight loss...), maybe with breathable tunnel (too much weight = to much perspiration) and one fits the cockpit nice and snug and maybe is neoprene there or manages otherwise not to become a dripping pool of water...
Do you think a tunnel material that breathes is making any sense - or is in your experience the velcroed on deck itself sufficiently breathing to help with the sauna-effect?

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Re: spray skirts fitting XT15, XT16, XT17

Post by Apathizer »

Unfortunately Pakboats doesn't have much detailed info on their site, but if you email them I'm sure they'll tell you the cockpit size. I know they can take any standard skirt and there are a multitude of options.

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Re: spray skirts fitting XT15, XT16, XT17

Post by Alv »

Pakboats spray skirts (and a new "splash deck") are now sourced from the folks who make Seals skirts, and the Pakboats web site has photos of both products. Cockpit inside dimensions are 33" x 17".

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