Quest 155 stored folded in half?

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Quest 155 stored folded in half?

Post by yew »

Although it'd be a blast to travel with a folding kayak, the main reason I bought one was due to lack of storage space. Can no longer rely on a backyard with rack to store 16+ foot sea kayak.

Has anyone tried to store, even temporarily, a Quest 155 or similar folding kayak folding in half by mostly assembled? I was thinking about keeping it assembled without the deck, sponsons uninflated and the gunwale roads not in ends. I suppose the side rods that sit on top of a sponson would have to come out. Have you ever tried to store Quest 155 partly assembled? Was it worth it? Did it save much time to reassemble?

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Re: Quest 155 stored folded in half?

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I've stored my Pakboat Puffin folded in half lengthwise with the gunwale rods in the sleeves and it was none the worse for wear. Had also stored the Feathercraft Kahuna I used to have (I think that frame is more similar to that of the Quests) folded in thirds with the center longerons and rib sections removed. Honestly, it really did not seem to make a huge difference in setting the boats up.

And since I recently caused some damage to the frame of my current Feathercraft by not breaking it down (I hauled it on a too-closely-spaced roof rack in high winds and bowed some frame sections), I would be hesitant to try this again. Best to break the boat down as much as possible when not in use. Every time you set it up the process gets faster. I can set up my Puffin in 20 minutes now.

I recently bought a Quest 135 so I might be able to give a more accurate opinion on this topec after this weekend (just got notice from FedEx that they are delivering it tomorrow).
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Re: Quest 155 stored folded in half?

Post by mje »

I'll second what Kerry says. Boats are meant to be assembled or broken down. In a half assembled state it's just too easy to break parts.
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