Pakboats XT17 capacity/purchase

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Pakboats XT17 capacity/purchase

Post by pdn »

I'm considering buying an XT17 for a couple of solo trips to the Alaskan boonies (Naknek Lake, Katmai NP and Wood-Tikchik SP) next summer.

For the longest leg of the journey, Wood-Tikchik, I'll need to carry 3 Garcia bear cans of food. Anyone here with an XT17 think I can fit 3 bear cans plus camping gear (I'm a minimalist gear-wise) into an XT17?

Paddling is going to be in freshwater (very large) lakes, so not huge water (big swells, ferry wakes, breakers, etc.) and Class I creeks/rivers.

As we all know the Pakboats website is a barren wasteland as far as the details of their boats go, so input from all is welcome!


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Re: Pakboats XT17 capacity/purchase

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I don't have experience with the XT-17 but did have use of an XT-15 for nearly 4 years (had convinced the now ex-boyfriend to buy it). There was a LOT of room under the deck of the 15 so there would be a couple of feet more in the XT-17 which I believe uses the same crossribs and therefore has a similar deck height and hull depth. I'm fairly sure you could fit several 12" x 9" Garcia cans in there with plenty of room left for a minimalist range of camping kit. When we were considering the XT-15 a guy who had one sent me photos of how he had packed it for an extended trip in the Canadian Northwest Territories and it held an impressive volume of gear. I'll see if I can locate them in the archives, but don't have them handy right now.

The hull, per the website specs, is bit over 10" deep and 24" wide across the beam. The sponsons should be handy to cradle the cylindrical cans in the stern and bow voids. You've got about 12' to 13' lineal feet of storage area outside of the cockpit area your body and legs take up. That's quite a bit of room.

There is a review of the smaller XT-16 by a couple who used it as a tandem for a 5 day desert trip packing gear that included 8 gallons of water. So a solo paddler in a 17 should be able to pack what you describe. ... ?prod=3284

They may have a kind of minimalist website, but the folks at PB in New Hampshire are pretty approachable if you want to call or email them with your questions about packing and capacity volume.
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Re: Pakboats XT17 capacity/purchase

Post by Apathizer »

As Kerry said, I'm pretty sure the XT-17 would work fine for your trip, but if I were you I'd call Pakboats to make sure. In terms of the conditions you'd encounter it would be more than sufficient. It's a capable sea kayak, so I doubt there'd be any problem in that regard.

I have a Quest 155, which, in terms of storage capacity, is supposedly pretty similar to the XT-15. Using that as a guideline, I imagine that an XT-17 configured as a single would have pretty massive storage capacity. I pack like a fairly minimalist backpacker and there's easily enough space in the Quest 155 for a week-long unsupported trip (as long as I ever intend to do).

While I haven't used it for kayaking yet, I have a full-size Bear Vault canister for backpacking that would easily fit in the Quest along with all my camping gear. I'm pretty sure you could fit at least two Garcia canisters in the XT-17, and maybe 3, but again, call them for more info.
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Re: Pakboats XT17 capacity/purchase

Post by pdn »

Thanks for the info fellow Paddlers! I really appreciate it!

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